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The Kentucky Board of Medical Examiners

The Office of the Kentucky State Medical Examiner provides assistance to the state's coroners in determining the cause and manner of death and identification of the deceased.

Medical Examiner Office - Louisville

Urban Government Center
810 Barrett Avenue
Louisville, Kentucky 40204
(502) 852-5587 - Office
(502) 852-1767 - Fax

Dr. Tracey S. Corey- Chief Medical Examiner
Dr. Amy Burrows- Medical Examiner
Dr. Donna Hunsaker- Medical Examiner
Dr. Michael Johnson- Medical Examiner

Carol Bibelhauser- Administrative Secretary
Brian Fitzgerald- Forensic Autopsy Technician
Ramona Lucas- Administrative Assistant
Toni McDaniel- Histologist
Jason Ritter- Forensic Autopsy Technician
Mandy Combest- Executive Staff Advisor

Medical Examiner Office - Central Kentucky

Central Laboratory Facility
100 Sower Blvd., Suite 202
Frankfort, Kentucky 40601
(502) 564-4545 - Office
(502) 564-1699 - Fax

David Jones- ME/Coroner Liason

Dr. John C. Hunsaker- Assoc. Chief Medical Examiner
Dr. Cristin Rolf- Medical Examiner
Dr. Torie Graham- Medical Examiner
Deanna Douthitt- Administrative Specialist III
Judy Winans- Staff Assistant
Ann Carter- Forensic Autopsy Technician
Anne Davis- Forensic Autopsy Technician
Marilyn Harp- Histologist

Medical Examiner's Office - Western Kentucky

25 Brown Badgett Loop
Madisonville, Kentucky 42464
(270) 824-7048 - Office
(270) 824-7092 - Fax

Dr. Gregory Wanger- Medical Examiner
Wendy Smith- Administrative Specialist III
Christy Bryan- Forensic Autopsy Technician

Medical Examiner's Office - Northern Kentucky

St. Luke Hospital (East)
Department of Pathology
85 North Grand Avenue
Ft. Thomas, Kentucky 41075
(859) 572-3559 - Office
(859) 572-3558 - Fax

Dr. C.L. Stephens- Medical Examiner
Dr. W. Ashton Ennis- Medical Examiner
Doris Field- Administrative Assistant
Donna Diorka- Forensic Autopsy Technician


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